why prevention?

The fight against modern slavery is useless unless we attack it at its roots–we must stop human trafficking before it happens. By empowering people to protect themselves, we can prevent them from ever falling victim to the modern slave trade.

First, we must ask the right questions. Why are people being enslaved? Why are they vulnerable? From there, we can work to create entire communities that stand against exploitation–communities in which people will never be trafficked, nor will they become traffickers.

A focus on prevention means a focus on stopping the cycle of exploitation and slavery. If one person is educated and empowered, they can help others do the same. And, if we’re able to prevent one person from ever being enslaved, well, we’d call that quite a victory.

support these projects for a world with #noslavery

our prevention

Prevention is about teaching and empowering everyone. Our partners work to stop people from being trafficked and from becoming traffickers, and they could use a helping hand–yours. Get involved and give hope to millions around the world.


For $10, the SOLD Project can provide a Thai child with an after-school tutor for a day to help stay them in school.

The SOLD Project prevents child exploitation through education. They take a holistic approach to prevention, by providing scholarships, mentorship, and resources to children at risk in Thailand.




For $16, ECPAT-USA can teach an American student how to protect themselves against human trafficking.

ECPAT-USA works to protect children and advocate for their freedom by educating policy makers, corporations, first responders, and the general public on how to identify victims and prevent exploitation.