why liberation?

Millions of people are enslaved, held captive by physical, emotional, or mental chains. They’re looking for a way out, but have yet to find a helping hand. Liberation is about empowering these people with the tools they need to escape slavery.

No one deserves the life of a slave. A man doesn’t deserve to work for no pay, 16 hours a day. A girl should not be sold to random men for their pleasure. A boy shouldn’t be forced to work off family debt.

But, there’s hope. There are people working day and night to help bring that man and that young girl out of slavery, to give them another shot at life. And, you can help them on their journey to free millions.

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our liberation projects

Escaping slavery isn’t easy and doesn’t happen quickly. With our partners, we work to empower those enslaved to find and maintain their freedom. But, it’s not just us in this fight—it’s you, too. Join us by getting involved with the projects below.


For $20, Polaris can answer a call on the National Human Trafficking Hotline and connect a survivor to life-saving resources anywhere in the U.S.

Polaris works with government officials, innovative tech companies, and communities to fight slavery. Polaris ensures that the victim is the center of their work, and that they attack the cycle of human trafficking on all fronts.



For $30, Truckers Against Trafficking can move its mobile awareness exhibit 20 miles to train truck drivers how to spot and report victims.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) trains the trucking industry to recognize signs of trafficking. TAT empowers truck drivers to stop forced prostitution and trafficking that can occur at hotels, truck stops, and other businesses along our nation’s highways.