Ways to Give

founding member

These are the awesome folks who donate directly and regularly to the End Crowd operating budget, so we can give 100% of all money raised online to the organizations that are doing the good work on the ground.

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corporate sponsor

Consider making a business contribution to an End Crowd activity, program, or special event that will further our mission.  Such sponsorship is acknowledged publicly in sincere appreciation.

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donate your day

Birthday coming up? Getting hitched? You can make a big impact by giving up gifts on your big day. Just tell your friends and family to give the gift of freedom this year and donate to  your campaign.

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employer matching

Your company may be one of thousands that will match your donation! It’s easy to double your gift and your impact, all while raising awareness in your workplace about modern slavery.

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donor advised fund

A DAF lets you make a contribution, receive a tax advantage, and then donate to charities of your choice.  It’s like creating a savings account for doing good.  If you have a DAF, use it to help end slavery.

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gifts in kind

Do you have an extra computer lying around? Are you a lawyer looking to give pro bono help? You can help End Crowd’s mission by donating a variety of goods, services, or your expertise.

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