Over 30 million people are enslaved around the world. It’s up to us to end it.  #NoSlavery

determine investment areas

Welcoming a world with #NoSlavery is possible, but not without proper tactics. That’s why we’re committed to protecting, caring for, and providing proper healing for those affected by modern slavery.

In order to fund these efforts, we’ve broken down our investment opportunities into three crucial categories: Prevention, Liberation, and Aftercare. Each helps ensure long-term success in the fight for freedom.


We work with some of the world’s best anti-slavery organizations to establish innovative and effective projects all over the globe. Our partners are pros at what they do and are on the front lines, working to change the lives of millions.

Each project uses proven methods in one of our investment areas, fighting to empower vulnerable people, free those enslaved, and help survivors rebuild their lives.

bring in the crowd

It’s not just our partners that are fighting slavery–it’s you, too. You can donate, fundraise, or spread the word, knowing that every action brings us one step closer to a world with #NoSlavery.

We know you care, so that’s why each donation is backed by our 100% model. This ensures every penny of your gift goes directly to our projects on the ground.

the victories

Come on the journey to freedom with us! Stay updated with the projects you helped fund as we send news, photos, and stories right to your inbox. You’ll be able to see how your support is making a direct impact and helping bring about a world with #NoSlavery.